E-cigarette feels like a traditional cigarette. On inhalation the nicotine is excreted as well as aromatic water vapor, which gives the same feeling as enjoyable as a traditional cigarette. When you want to get rid of the nicotine-you can puff nicotine free version.

E-cigarette consists of three parts:

  • battery
  • a liquid cartridge
  • atomizer
  • e-cig

Electric Cigarettes is not used by putting it on fire like a candle, instead it is getting the power from the charger and is quickly ready for use.

A number of electric cigarettes are deceptively similar in appearance to traditional cigarettes, the e-cigarette smoker is not so much different from other smokers out. Electric Cigarettes can be smoked almost anywhere because the Tobacco Act does not prohibit its use. We recommend, however, always make sure the restaurant or cafe’s suitability of its use – many still perceive it as a cigarette, and may experience it annoying. Awareness of e-cigarettes, however, is spreading fast so it may soon be a common habit.

In below is listed best places to buy electronic cigarettes. We are constantly searching to find wide variety of online stores to people who come to our site, so to make sure that you check regularly our site because there is constantly something happening in the world of electronic cigarettes!

Now every smoker has a change of changing the traditional tobacco to electric cigarette.

E-cigarette is  cheaper alternative to the traditional cigarette. If you want an enjoyable moment of cigarette without smoke in your lungs there is a great solution, an electronic cigarettes. It has gained great popularity in the world in a past few years.
E-cigarette contains water vapor and natural flavorings, nothing more. You can also choose a nicotine-containing version. Replacing the traditional cigarette to e-cigarette or e-vaporizer, you can say goodbye to hazardous chemicals such as tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, lead, cyanide, benzene, and radioactive polonium-210 and enjoy smoking without the smoke, ash and cigarette ends!




Electric Cigarette is a handy and easy to use and it slips nicely into a pocket and can be ”turned on” when ever wanted. It does not use any fire, and therefore it is not a source of toxic fumes for the users lungs or other people’s inhalants. The device is charged neatly on battery power and is instantly ready to use!


  • Doesn’t cause bad breath
  • Less expensive than traditional tobacco
  • You can smoke almost anywhere
  • Easy to carry around
  • No smoke, no fire
  • No ashes or butts
  • No colouration of the teeth
  • Does not darken your home furniture or walls or leave a nasty odor of clothes
  • No second-hand smoke – non-smokers being winners thrive in your club
  • Lifelike feeling of smoking without the dangerous chemicals
  • No tobacco cough

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